Meet The Team: Alyssa Monroe

What’s your role at Leader Heights?

I’m Head of Marketing & eCommerce.

This means…

I’m constantly jumping between different sides of my brain – analytical & creative, every single hour.


How does Leader Heights connect with your personal style?

I’m a fashion backpack girl – no one has ever seen me in a purse or anything too highly couture or a purse, so naturally, Leader heights ticks that box. Also, when I’m not hiking, traveling, I’m using stylish small backpack. Our design team are so onto it with designs, every season I fall in love with another.

What in your closet brings you the most joy?

So much of it does! The (faux) fur jacket that belonged to my mum in her teens that I now get the pleasure of owning – it comes out on two occasions a year (because it never gets that cold in Byron!) and that’s Splendour or when I head south for a weekend over the winter months. I’m totally obsessed with hats, and my ‘Rancher’ (in the pics) is an absolute fave – I have it in three colours.

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